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Sheltering Harbour is a residential treatment center operating at five campuses, designed to help boys and girls aged 10 to 17 with emotional or behavioral problems return to a healthier, more productive and less restrictive environment. It is a fully licensed facility meeting all applicable Texas Department of Family and Protective Services standards. Sheltering Harbour provides a safe, sanitary and nurturing environment which fosters each child's self-worth.
Sheltering Harbour has been providing quality residential services for over 25 years. We at Sheltering Harbour are proud that all residents attend Klein Independent School District, one of the Houston areas top ranked School districts. Sheltering Harbour, over the years, has developed a solid relationship with our local churches and organizations.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Sheltering Harbour is dedicated to the belief that every child with an emotional disorder is a unique individual whose personal identity must be respected and developed. The multi-disciplinary team, consisting of a psychiatrist, social worker L.P.C., L.C.C.A., child-care worker and educational specialist, provides therapeutic milieu which emphasizes interpersonal skills and communication. All professional members of the multi-disciplinary team are trained and licensed. Each of the five campuses has a full time administrator and therapist.



Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Each child at Sheltering Harbour is recognized as a unique individual with special needs and skills. A comprehensive treatment plan, developed by the multidisciplinary team, addresses these specials needs and skills, the treatment plan sets goals and criteria to evaluate progress.


The treatment program at Sheltering Harbour includes intensive individuals and group therapy which address underlying factors that contribute to the emotional and behavioral problems of the children. Adjunctive Therapies, including occupational, art and recreation, are also important components of the total treatment process. Sheltering Harbour also offers drugs rehabilitation counseling for residents. 




Residents at Sheltering Harbour are served by the Klein Independent School District, which offer one of the finest school program in the Houston Area. As residents in the Klein School District, the children at Sheltering Harbour will benefit from an extensive array of educational and social activities.

Admission Policy

We accept referrals for children aged 10 to 17. The acceptance of an applicant is based on the assessment of the multi-disciplinary team. Placement decisions are made following an assessment of the child's psychological evaluation, social history, medical history, and any other relevant information. We typically serve those children whose behavior or emotional problems require an environment which contains guidelines and limitations.




Sheltering Harbour is a 24-hour residential treatment center which offers a group living environment. The highly structured level system provides a forum in which the residents can learn to express their feelings, work though problems, accept responsibility and learn the social skills which will enable them to enter a less restrictive environment.


Sheltering Harbour is a private non profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The program in funded in part by the Texas Department of Family & Protecting services. In addition, we continually look to establish new relationships with individuals and corporations who funds make possible the expansion of the those serving our current and future residents.