Two years ago Sheltering Harbour began a yoga/meditation program for the girl’s campus.

The literature and research was indicating positive outcome for alternative therapies, including the practice of yoga/meditation. These have now become more mainstream.

The program stated stated small, two days a week after school. The girls loved the program and began doing yoga independent of the classes. The staff felt it was beneficial and slowly included art gardening and exercise.

After Hurricane Harvey the yoga instructor develop a short program to use under stressful conditions, it can be used every day.

These additional classes were funded by the grant from Texas Center for Child and Family Studies grant 1. We are very pleased with how the program has been going. Though observational, the girls have incorporated these healthful positive behavior into their daily routine.

With the generous assistance of a grant from Texas Center for Child and Family Studies, Sheltering Harbour has developed a yoga/relaxation activity which can aiden adolescent in coping with the past traumatic experiences. The experience focus on the whole, enjoying the yoga/mindfulness/meditation exercises.

The girls enjoy the yoga poses and word hard to develop balance. Strength and flexibility. They try too master the complex poses. They also enjoy the supplemental art and hygiene classes that enrich materials.

In addition, the grant, enabled the yoga instructor to get certified in teen yoga instruction. In the next few month’s staff will be trained in similar techniques so they can assist the female residents.



The Yoga relaxation program would provide a much needed service. It would target the most serve intense level, male residents of Sheltering Harbour. Over 50% of the residents of Sheltering Harbour were subjected to the stressful uncertainties and danger of Hurricane Harvey. The resident also had the added burden of not knowing if their family member were safe.

Our goal would be to provide instruction using multiple yoga poses to relax the body and develop meditation techniques. Recent studies have shown that yoga/relaxation/meditation decreases symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger control and concentration

The yoga relaxation project would target male residents exhibiting the most serve behavior addressing PTSD symptoms.

Hurricane Harvey, was a historically monumental storm which devastated a large part of the Houston area. The storm impact on teens, especially those already batting emotional issues has created a wide spread need for additional trauma relaxation services. We at Sheltering Harbour have addressed that need with the female residents.

We have developed a successful program at the North Campus. The girls enjoy the activities and often initiate meditation part of their daily routine.

We now, hopefully, with the generous assistance of the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies Grant 2, would like to bring that program to all of the residents who might benefit.