Therapeutic Services


Cognitive-Behavioral Program Based On Reward/Level system

Daily living skills, anger management, and social skills development are provided consistently to residents by trained and experience staff twenty-four hours a day.

Psychiatric Services

P.K Roy, MD, attends to the children’s psychiatric needs routinely as well asper requests needed.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Houston North Rehabilitation provides Outpatient Drugs and Relapse Prevention counseling three meetings a week.

Licensed Professional Counselors engage residents in therapy weekly and as needed. Therapists also work with the staff team towards personalizing best care approaches for each child.

Individual And Group Psychotherapy

Every week, Meditation and Yoga sessions are provided by a Yoga Instructor certificate to teach teenagers the practice. The relaxation techniques are also then incorporated into the daily living plans.


Provided by a Psychology (Psy. D.) according to schedule.

Psychological Assessments