Intense Service

Over the years the behaviors, emotional issues, lack of stability in the lack of normalization experience, in our resident population has become more severe. The very core of issues facing some of our residents more include human trafficking and PTSD.


Yoga Enrichment for Adolescents Healing

We realized some of our residents requires more intense service. The issues facing these children, male and female, would require additional services. We have developed a program using a holistic approach incorporating meditation, yoga, art, movements, golf, carpentry, garden, ecology and personal hygiene.

Yoga Enrichment for Adolescent HealingThe residents in this program cycle through these activities through the year. The service provided in a small group setting. The residents, are benefiting from the individual attention and introduced to new experience. For example our golf program, is giving the residents physical activity, as well as, coordination, balance and the rules of the sport. The instructor is a teacher and role model, able to connect with the residents on multiple levels in this optimized small group setting.